Saturday, December 6, 2008


I finally got recordings of alarm calls! 

After weeks of always being just a couple of seconds too late, or having other monkeys crashing around in the trees obscuring the vocalization, I finally managed to record alarm calls today! (click the "video" above to hear them--the website won't let me upload audio files, but will let me upload video clips, so this was my solution!) 

Now, to be honest, these vocalizations aren't from one of my study groups.  The only group I could find today was Scarface (named after their severely disfigured alpha male), so I followed them in part to figure out if they might be a good group to study in the future.  They aren't very habituated, however, and these alarm calls were actually made at me!  A female with a small baby on her back took one look at me and started alarm calling, and then ran away.  

I am pretty excited to have gotten my first recording of an alarm call--it almost makes up for yesterday, when I was sitting interviewing potential field assistants in Panama City, and a friend called me from the forest on BCI so I could listen to the intergroup fight two capuchin groups were having right in front of her.  

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Anonymous said...

That is great, Meg! love, Mom